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You will need a residency permit and sufficient funds paid into a TRNC bank account to enable you to live without working. Proof of monthly pension instalments may suffice. Please see further below:

You will need to produce to the police the following documents to the police immigration department: 

  • Passport original and photocopy.
  • Title deed/tenancy agreement/ Contract of Sale
  • A letter from your local village chief which you can acquire from the local municipality (belediye) building or the post office. 
  • Bank documents showing that you have a TRNC bank account which has sufficient funds or a regular income to enable you to support yourself in the TRNC without working. 
  • 2 passport photographs 
  • Stamps – we will provide these for you

You will then be required to undergo a routine health check to be submitted to the immigration office. 

No CRB check is required, but please note that you will need one for permission to purchase property from the Interior Ministry, or if you are renting your landlord may ask you if you have a criminal record.

A residency permit does not entitle you to take employment or to start a business in the TRNC.

Your UK will is not necessarily recognized here and you will need to deal with your assets. It is a simple process of drafting and signing, and we will then take you to the Court to lodge it.

The TRNC is not recognized as a country except by Turkey, and so we are not signatories to the Hague Convention, extradition treaties etc. The UK authorities, for example, have no authority to demand the return of an individual from North Cyprus to the UK. However, in the case of more serious offences, Interpol may have authority to arrest a person in the TRNC, and even for minor offences there is a chance that your personal circumstances would be substantially restricted due to an inability to cross back over the European border. We strongly advise that you seek legal advice, which we can provide along with our UK associated firm Hugh Jones LLP who can represent you in the UK.

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