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The standard procedure for applying for a permit is as follows:

Permits are issued by the Department of Immigration in Lefkoşa.
Age Requirements: We have been informed by the Local Police that Residency is not required for those under 18 or Over 60. (Legally residency is required however most people over 60 are retired and do not need residency for any purpose unless applying for driving Licence etc. There is no fine and no requirements for visa extensions for those under 18 or over 60.) This information was provided to us by the Girne Local Police.

For a Temporary Permit you will need:

  1. Your original passports and photocopies of your passports.
  2. A photocopy of the departure and arrival page in your passport.
  3. A letter from your local Muhtar, quoting your passport number. (A very small charge for the Muhtar and required stamps)
  4. The Koçan (deeds) and address of your residence or equivalent confirming your place of residence. If your deeds have not been issued then a photocopy of your stamped contract will suffice. It is important that the Contract stipulates the name(s) ofnthose applying for residency unless husband and wife, whereby the name of one will be sufficient.
  5. Proof of sufficient funds to maintain yourselves and any dependants, i.e. photocopies of bank statements, normally not less than £10,000 (Ten Thousand Great British Pounds)
  6. 2x Passport size Photographs.
  7. If married marriage certificate and a photocopy.

A preliminary investigation by the Immigration Police is requested.
If the preliminary investigation report is positive, the immigration section of the local Police Directorate is instructed to accept your application. Documents are then forwarded to the Immigration Directorate of the general directorate of the Police and then onto the Immigration Department.

You are then referred to a doctor for a medical report/check for HIV, Typhus etc. You may also go to the state Hospital in Girne (Akçiçek) up to 10:00am. A blood test and X-Ray are included in these tests. Results usually take about three weeks. (Fee for test to be done start from 135TL to 365TL which is paid directly to the hospital, You will receive a receipt for this which we will need to submit to the Local Police.

Once all the relevant documentation is ready we then go to the Immigration Department with all the documentation and passport, revenue stamp etc. There is a final fee to be paid to the Immigratrion office in Nicosia for the residency stamp. This fee is currently 250 TL and is subject to change.

For all the above work to be done on your behalf our fee will be £350 per permit. Fee’s for blood test and stamp and immigration office is an alternative fee payable by the client.

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