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EB. Sener Law Firm will be hosting National Advocacy Competition, for students aiming for a career in the Law.

In 2014, EB SENER LAW FIRM will be hosting a new competition for students aiming for a career in the Law.

The Winner will be invited for two weeks’ work experience at EB Sener, a leading Cyprus law firm. The Firm practises all major areas of Law, and has extensive connections in the UK, Europe and farther afield. The Winner will attend Court, discuss cases with Advocates, assist in the preparation of documents, and participate generally in all of the Firm’s work. At the end of his or her time with us, the Winner will receive a performance-based reference from our Senior Advocate, which will be invaluable in advancing his or her legal career.

Please note that we will require the Winner to sign a confidentiality agreement as we deal with information that is highly sensitive and personal to our clients.

We accept entry from students studying a non-law subject, but who wish to pursue a law-related career. However, please be aware that the final will require formal legal research and case citation.

Our Aim

One of the many complaints about the legal profession is that we are elitist and exclusive – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Scholarships or traineeships can seem much more accessible to those whose families come from an established legal background, or who have the money to pay for expensive advocacy lessons from experts. We realize that this is an ongoing problem in the profession as a whole, and we want to make our contribution to changing this for the better.

Therefore we have established this competition to give a significant boost to the career of a talented potential lawyer, regardless of background or status. We believe that not only the winner will benefit, as all the participants will have the opportunity to air their skills in front of practising lawyers and receive personal feedback. We hope to provide a valuable learning experience for all entrants.

For an entrance for, please email: [email protected]

Outline of the Competition

1st round

Candidates to make WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS of no more than 1000 words arguing both FOR and AGAINST the proposition that assisted suicide should be legalized.

There is no upper or lower limit to the number of candidates who may be selected to progress to the second round. Numbers will depend on the ability demonstrated in the written submission.

2nd round

Successful candidates will be invited to participate in a formal debate at the offices of E.B. Sener Law Firm. The debate will be judged by a mixed panel of lawyers (see details overleaf).

Candidates will be instructed to argue EITHER for or against a proposition, which will be issued 2 weeks in advance of the debate. Candidates will make a short speech of 5 minutes arguing their case. They will then be expected to give a 2 minute response to their opponent’s speech. There will be questions from the judges, who will then evaluate the performances and give feedback before announcing the successful candidates.

An example debate topic would be along the lines of ‘ The Human Rights Act 1998 has had little impact upon protecting the basic liberties of citizens and could be repealed without any consequences’. 

3rd round (FINAL)

Four candidates will be invited to participate in a formal legal ‘moot’ held at (venue?). The overall winner will be decided by a panel of lawyers headed by a practising Judge.

Papers will be issued 2 weeks prior to the final. Candidates will be assigned the roles of senior or junior Counsel in an appeal on a point of law, and will argue either to uphold or overturn the judgment of a lower court. Although candidates will be judged on their individual performances, they will be expected to exchange short skeleton arguments and lists of authorities with their co-counsel and opponents.

Further details of the structure will be issued in the papers, but candidates can expect to speak for 10-15 minutes. They should be prepared to have their submissions interrupted by judicial questioning or points of information from their opponents.

The event will be open to any who wish to attend. There will be a drinks reception and a light-hearted ‘balloon debate’ for all who wish to participate. The judges will give feedback before announcing a winner.

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