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Sener Law & Conveyancing Firm

Şener Law Firm Working With AD-HOC Committee. The TRNC Parliament has approved a law suggested by the AD-HOC committee.

A committee has recently been formed by the TRNC Parliament formally known as the “AD-HOC Komitesi” (Committee), the duty of which is to prepare bills and amend the laws of the TRNC and our Senior Advocate, Mustafa Şener, has been appointed to work on the AD-HOC committee. 

On the 28th December 2012 the TRNC Parliament unanimously approved the first law put forward by the AD-HOC Committee. This new law contains a temporary pardoning for people who have been imprisoned for defaulting in making payments in accordance to a court order commanding them to do so. 

In the future the Committee will be preparing new laws on bankruptcy, cheques and on the enforcement of civil-law judgments. 

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