Sener Law & Conveyancing Firm
Sener Law & Conveyancing Firm
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Sener Law & Conveyancing Firm

Sener Law Firm is a leading firm of Solicitors, Advocates, Conveyancing executives, and legal advisors, all with the aim of providing our expatriate clients with the highest level of legal services both in North Cyprus and internationally. Our members have practiced and taught law around the globe, from the UK to the Middle East.

Sener Law Firm is rapidly expanding to accommodate our growing client base. Our legal team specializes in a wide range of practice areas including Real Estate, Investment, Personal Injury, and Criminal law (please see the page dedicated to our services for more details). 

All members of our North Cyprus team are highly trained individuals who are dedicated legal experts with extensive knowledge of UK, Cypriot, European Union and International Law. We can offer services in a range of languages including English, Turkish, and Russian.

The Firm works in association with Hugh Jones LLP Law Firm in London to provide clients with legal advice in both countries.  We have implemented a bespoke system of collaboration to providing our expatriate clients with the most efficient and convenient service. We have similar associations globally in Iran, Scandinavia, Russia, and Switzerland.

Associate Member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP)

Contact Us

 Tel:00 (90) 392 815 4694
 Tel:00 (90) 392 815 4693
 Fax:00 (90) 392 815 4693
Address:Aşağı Girne Mh., Mustafa Çağatay Cd, No: 41 Block A/1 Girne/Kıbrıs Via Mersin 10 Turkey
Latest News:  29 June 2016 -  WARNING – SCAMS: - First and foremost, we would like to warn you that there are a great deal of scam e-mails in circulation. Please note that if we provide you with our client account details, we will not subsequently call you or e-mail you to tell you that there has been a change to the account details. If you receive an e-mail or a telephone call purporting to be from this office, you must not act on it. You must contact one of the partners of this firm and preferably the partner dealing with your matter immediately.
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